My present equipment is as follows:


  • Telecaster copy (sunburst, black pickguard) by Legacy; Legacy logo on the headstock altered to read "Szin"; peace sign also drawn on the nub at the end of the stock.
  • Precision Bass copy (black, white pickguard) by Rockburn
  • Zoom G1Xon pedal
  • Stylophone
  • Cheap toy electronic keyboard by a company called Yong-mei
  • Melodica
  • Instruments contributed by other artists:
  • C. Ryan plays a black Yamaha bass on Rudolph Randolph (2019 Remix)
  • Software:

  • LMMS (fairly proficient)
  • Audacity (fairly proficient)
  • Magix Music Maker Live 2017 (getting to grips)