The Romani script
The Romani script (Romanes-lekhipen) is a script I designed as an alternative to the Latin-based scripts in writing the Romani language (Romanichib). It is not intended to replace the various systems used by Roma, mostly variants of the Latin alphabet, but to create a script that harks back to the Indo-Iranian roots of the Roma.
It is inspired by two scripts the proto-Roma likely had contact with- the Avestan script used by the Iranian Zoroastrians, and the Brahmic scripts. It is written from left-to-right, mirroring the predominant orientation of most Roma.
Unlike most systems derived from Indic scripts, it is not a true abugida but an alphasyllabry as it lacks inherent vowels. As such, each consonant stands for the consonant alone and the consonant is modified to indicate any vowel. I chose not to use inherent vowels for two reasons: it is also based on an alphabetic script, and as the vast majority of Roma speakers use non-abugida scripts, I felt it would be easier for them to use a system without inherent vowels.

    Core script

    v1.2 1/6/20


    Coming soon...