Szin (pronounced as the tibia) is a writer, artist and musician from Sheffield, UK. Among her distinguished ancestors include King David, writer, fighter, poet-prophet. She tries to model herself on him, only in a more pacifistic manner.

After attending King Ecgbert School, she studied Creative Writing at Sheffield Hallam University. She has performed at the Off the Shelf event in Sheffield and has won a number of awards for her poetry. She specialises in slam poetry, spontaneous writing which relies more on rhythm than metre, and computer-augmented poetry, using new media to aid her in creating works.

In addition to poetry she dabbles in music. She freely admits to not being a good singer or guitarist, but makes music as she believes it to be the quickest way to get her poetry out to a modern-day audience largely disinterested in reading. She releases music under the name of The Notorious Nine, which she describes as a "musical collective that anyone can drop in or drop out of" although she remains the only full-time member. She labels her music as experimental pop, taking influence from both commercial (especially that made prior to the year 2000) and experimental music (especially sound collage, musique concréte and early electronic). The Notorious Nine has released two albums so far, Someday You'll Be a Star! (2018) and Whale Oil Beef Hooked (2019).

She also makes art. Influenced by Indo-Iranian illumination and the works of people such as Arthur Szyk who sought to revive the form, she draws various subjects in the style. She is also fond of action painting (Ismail Gulgee being a particular favourite of hers for his use of textures, paint and calligraphic techniques), and mixed media.

In her spare time she enjoys listening to music, watching football (Sheffield United), genealogical research, creating conlangs and sleeping.
She can be contacted at thenotoriousszin@gmail.com, on Twitter @NotoriousSzin. or on Instagram @thenotoriousszin