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    Work in progress here!Work in progress here!Work in progress here!Work in progress here!Work in progress here!


    24/8/20: I have changed my primary email to thenotoriousszin@protonmail.ch. My Gmail will still be checked periodically, but I've switched to Proton primarily for privacy reasons (if you don't know the issues all Google services have with privacy, where on EARTH have you been for the last ten years? The only reason I HAVE a Gmail is it came with the Google account needed to create a YT channel which I hardly ever touch now).
    In other news, I remain very active artistically. Having recently discovered the joys of streaming (I confess to being a neo-Luddite), I slam on an old Red Dwarf and get painting. I'm presently exploring the concept of Romanofuturism.

    8/8/20: I'm going to be away for a couple of weeks. Be sure to follow me on Twitter @NotoriousSzin and Instagram @thenotoriousszin for updates.
    Also be sure to check out my new Evil Eye collection at Redbubble!

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